Respite Care & Support

We’re here to support the wellbeing of both you and your whānau: it’s time to take a well-deserved planned break.

Disabled Latino teenager with Celebral Palsy and mother laughing.

Respite Care & Support When You Need It

At NZCL, we understand the importance of taking a well-deserved break. Our respite services allow full time carers of disabled people, whether that’s whānau or close friends, to have a bit of time where they can focus on themselves while knowing that their loved one is well taken care of. Our team works closely with you and your whānau to create a personalised support plan. Whether our in-home respite services work best for you, or you come for a change of scene in one of our respite facilities, we provide tailored services to get you the support you need.

What is Respite Support?

Respite care is a planned, temporary support specifically designed to offer caregivers a break from their responsibilities while ensuring that their loved ones still receive the quality support they need and deserve.

Our respite services stand apart from our other services by providing caregivers with planned breaks from their regular responsibilities, recognising the crucial, compassionate work they do in supporting their loved ones with disabilities.

Designed with your wellbeing in mind, respite support aims to alleviate any build up of stress or fatigue that comes with long term caregiving.

These services can be provided in your own home or one of our respite facilities.

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respite care

What to Expect from Our Services

When you choose to receive respite care and support in your own home surroundings or come for a short stay at one of our NZCL respite facilities, here’s what you can expect:

  • Personalised support in a safe and nurturing home, whether that’s your own or one of NZCL’s respite homes.
  • Access to fully trained support workers who specialise in all aspects of care, ensuring that both you and your whānau have the space and support to prioritise your wellbeing.
  • Attend community events, learn new skills and enhance your independence.
  • Engaging activities and outings which encourage personal growth, fulfilment and fun.

All NZCL support workers are checked against the requirements under the Vulnerable Children Act 2014 (VCA).

We are New Zealand's trusted disability support provider

Disability Support Experts

NZCL has supported disabled people and their whānau since 1988.

Our Partners

We work closely with the Whaikaha - Ministry for Disabled People, Oranga Tamariki, District Health Boards, Ministry of Social Development, Corrections, and ACC as a preferred national provider.

Industry Leader

We’re part of New Zealand’s largest national network of disability service providers and a leader in health technology.

Enhanced Services

Whatever you need, our wraparound disability support and rehabilitation services can be tailored to support you with almost anything.

Public or Private Funding

Our disability support and rehabilitation services are free to those eligible for government funded support. We also provide private funded services.

Specialised Workforce

Our community-based workforce is unmatched – we apply our significant expertise in disability support and health services to all of the work we do.

Get info on our Support Services

To access our support services, please choose us as a preferred provider when you speak to Needs Assessment and Service Coordination (NASC) service or an Enabling Good Lives (EGL) Connector.

If you would prefer to contact us via phone or email, use the details below and we'll be in touch soon.

PO Box 24445, Manners Street, Wellington 6142

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